Casa Rezzonico

The Hotel is a lovely, old-fashioned hotel in Venice. The home, which was built in the 18th century and has several little private boats moored close by, gives access on to a romantic canal with many individual boats. Rezzonico House is a peaceful retreat with excellent facilities that contains only six rooms with own bathrooms; all of them have spectacular sights, including one on the canal and another on the internal garden where breakfast is served when the weather permits.

Our guest rooms contain marble bathrooms, high-quality matresses, and elegant Venetian or parquet floorsing. Plus, we’re located near many must-see’s for tourists like the National Gallery of Accademia and Scuola dei Carmini where you can view some beautiful Tiepolo frescoes. We hope to provide our customers with a wonderful and memorable experience during their stay here in Venice.

Campo Santa Margherita is a popular area for outdoor dining and nightlife, as well as being the home of several seafood restaurants and bars. The lively of Campo Santa Margherita, probably the finest nightlife in Venice, is located near by. From here, S. Mark’s Square may be reached in 15 minutes on foot, as well as the railway station. Public boat stops are available at the Zattere (500 meters distant), from where it is possible to explore Venice by water.


Cà rezzonico is a small hotel with only six rooms, all of which are equipped in an antique and traditional style with hardwood furnishings. The locanda is located in front of a tiny canal or inner garden. All rooms feature Venetian flooring or parquet floorsing, and breakfast may be eaten outdoors during nice weather conditions. You’ll get peacefulness here!


The hotel is in the Dorsoduro area, right by the Zattere. If you’re looking for a scenic and romantic walk, this is one of the best places in Venice. Nearby Casa Rezzonico, you can go into Scuola Grande dei Carmini to see Tipeolo’s frescoes or check out National Gallery of Accademia, Scuola Grande di San Rocco or Guggenheim Museum for modern art–all within a 10 minute walk.

If you’re someone who prefers to stay up a bit later, Campo Santa Margherita is the best place in Venice for drinks and relaxation. It’s conveniently located only four minutes from here. Additionally, there are public boat stops along Grand Canal which is only 500 meters away from Casa Rezzonico.

Hotel Cà Formenta,

The hotel Cà Formenta, which was completely rebuilt from 2002 to 2003 in the heart of Venetian activity, is located at the start of Via Garibaldi in a lively district. According to Tassini in his “Venetian Curiosity,” the Building’s origin dates back to 1400 and that it also had a “Grande Cancelliere della Serenissima” around 1580.

The palazzetto, which was originally covered with a coat of arms depicting three ears of corn, the emblem of the Formenti family, is still used as our logo. During restoration, the management at Panorama Hotel on the Lido was inspired by it and also upgraded it to four-star quality. The restoration project was carried out by G.R. Pantha in Padua architect. They’ve tried to keep it Venetian while adding elegant furniture to it.

For your comfort and convenience, our rooms come with air conditioning (for Summer or Winter), satellite color television, direct telephone connection for personal computers, minibar, personal safe and hair dryer.

The hotel has an elevator for each floor and all public areas are air conditioned. Some rooms havea view of the lagoon. The hotel’s private wharf on the Rio della Tana is very useful for motorboat taxis; it is especially convenient since there are no other hotels with similar facilities in Barile.


Every room in the building is fitted with its own air conditioner, direct phone connection for PCs and laptops, minibar, personal safe, and hairdryer. Each floor can be accessed by lift. Many rooms also offer stunning views of the lagoon. Our rooms come in different sizes but they allensure a high level of comfort; some have marble floors and either showers or bathtubs (or both).

For larger families, we also have an apartment with two interconnecting rooms, both equipped with their own bathroom and a lagoon view. If you’re ever feeling lost or needing suggestions during your visit to our lovely city, our Concierge will be more than happy to help you out with anything you need and even provide you with maps. He can recommend restaurants for romantic dates or supper, get tickets for classical music concerts happening soon, suggest excursions to the islands of the Lagoon–anything! Basically, we want your stay here in Venice be as relaxing and unforgettable as possible.


The hotel Cà Formenta is at the end of Via Garibaldi, and it is accessible from both Marco Polo Airport and Santa Lucia Railway Station. Because we have our own dock, we prefer visitors to arrive by motorboat taxi since it is a little more expensive (about € 80.00 from the airport and € 45.00 from the station), but it is unquestionably the more picturesque and convenient option. Alternatively, you may take public transportation to the airport; every hour on the hour, “Alilaguna” departs.

Arsenale, the closest stop to our hotel, is only two bridges away. If you’re arriving from Santa Lucia Train Station or Piazzale Roma on line 51 or 61 of ACTV, get off at Giardini pier and walk across the first bridge on your left. Continue down Riva dei Sette Martiri past the hotel until you reach it by taking ACTV line 1 for a 45-minute trip along the Grand Canal straight to Arsenale (after St. Mark’s Square). Our Stop is immediately after the two bridges!

If you’re looking for an authentic experience away from selfie-stick yielding tourists, head on over to Via Garibaldi! As the heart of Venetian life, Via Garibaldi has not yet been overrun by tourists like many other areas around St. Mark’s Square. The coffee houses and famous restaurants here are mostly populated by locals who come to escape the tourist traps nearby. Just ten minutes away from all the craziness, one can find tranquility and art at the “Padiglioni” of the International Biennale Exhibition of Modern Art – a must for any art lover visiting Venice.


Saint Mark’s Basilica: The elegant Venetian church with five domes, which resembles the ancient church of Costantinopolis. It was restored during the early centuries of the previous millennium, especially in the thirteenth century, when Venice dominated Mediterranean culture and economy. The temple, built to symbolize Serenissima’s might, is externally decorated with marble, mosaics, and bas-reliefs: all carved from valuable materials came from Ravenna, Bisanzio, and Aquileia. The church has a Greek cross layout with dome-supported columns inside.

Saint Pietro’s Basilica: Saint Mark’s Basilic was the cathedral of Venice until 1807, when it become the religious center of the city. San Pietro is a seventh century BC building that was rebuilt and dedicated to Saint Peter by Bishop Magno. The original building can be seen today; however, only part if it is completed due to a remodeling project based on a design by Palladio.

The 8th of January is still a public holiday in Venice, where it is known as the Malaria Day. It was originally designated to commemorate the end of the epidemic in 1630. Antonio Bellucci painted San Lorenzo implorando l’aiuto di Dio per la liberazione di Venezia dalla peste del 1447 at the end of 1600 to commemorate all of the plague epidemics that have thrown Venice and Europe into chaos.

Saint Giorgio’s School: The School was called by the Dalmatian community, who became a corporation in 1451 and were under saints George, Jerome, and Tryphon’s protection.

This school, which was founded in 1451 and is evidence of the Dalmatian (Schiavoni) community’s presence at the time, might not exist today if it weren’t for Jerusalem’s patriarch giving a relic of Saint George to the commander of the Venetian fleet in 1502. Carpaccio was asked to make paintings for saints Agostino, Matteo and Giorgio while he attending the school. Unfortunately, the school – like many others at that time — was shut down because of Napoleon’s rule.


Bed and Breakfast Ca’ del Pozzo

Between magic and reality, you’ll find a lovely stay in Venice’s “calli,” “campi,” and “rii” in this fantastic world. Another chance to see such a magnificent city may be found at “Ca’ del Pozzo,” where the rooms, completely refurbished in September 2003, are located 5 minutes from the Accademia Bridge and just two steps from Saint Mark’s Drawing Room: Saint Mark’s Square!

Ca’ del Pozzo is the perfect place to stay whether you’re looking for a short or long trip, even if you have a large family. Mr Giangaspero and his team will be more than happy to help make your Venice experience as wonderful as possible.


Our rooms are all Venetian-style with a modern twist and contain the following amenities:

-Private bathroom with tub (optional)


-Hair dryer

-Television with satellite channels

-Air conditioning -In room safe -Internet connection plug -Mobile phone charger


P.le Roma (cars and buses) or the Santa Lucia railway station are only a 18-minute drive from Cà del Pozzo, while Piazza San Marco is just a 3-minute walk away. Stroll through Rialto Area, where you may view the renowned bridge or go shopping for seafood in the fish market while sampling Venetian wines and dishes. If you keep going, Saint Mark’s Square will be visible immediately ahead of you; Grand Canal is not far from St. Mark’s Square, which is the city’s real center. And if that wasn’t enough, Grand Canal is only 150 meters away! As a result, our visitors have no trouble getting around Venice by public boat to any area of the city or the islands: Murano, Burano, and Torcello in the lagooned basin surrounding it


Saint Mark’s Basilica: The breathtaking Venetian church, adorned with five stately domes, looks strikingly similar to the ancient Constantinian church. It was restored in early centuries of the previous millennium–during Venice’s Golden Age when it held powerful sway over Mediterranean culture and economy. The exterior of this temple, symbolic of Serenissima domination, boasts majestic marble carvings, mosaics bas-reliefs–all made from rare materials sourced in Ravenna Bisanzio and Aquileia. Inside you’ll find a Greek cross layout along with columns that support the dome structure.

SCUOLA GRANDE DI S. ROCCO: Scarpagnino and Bon constructed this university in 1515, and it became renowned thanks to Tintoretto’s paintings. He worked here for almost two decades, painting numerous works that are now important examples of Venetian painting during the Renaissance and Mannerist periods. Giorgione, Tiziano, and Tiepolo also left their pieces here.

Guggenheim Museum: The final section of Gran Canal, which included the magnificent Palazzo Labia and other Baroque edifices, was constructed in the 18th century. Perhaps one of the goals of its initial owner was to create it in order to fulfill one of these objectives. A garden rather than a ground floor with white Istrian stone known as “Pietra d’Istria” is located behind the rear side of the structure. Peggy Guggenheim acquired the building and quickly became one of the most prominent locations for contemporary art by exhibiting works by Kandinsky, Pollock, Ernst, Chagall, Dalì, and others.


If you’re looking for a hidden gem in Venice, look no further than the Gallini hotel. Nestled between Campo S.Angelo and Campo Manin, this lovely hotel offers guests a great location with peaceful and relaxing surroundings. With Calle della Verona just steps away, guests can easily enjoy all that Venice has to offer – from the masterpieces at Gallerie dell’Accademia (Nation Gallery) and Piazza San Marco to the famous spiral staircase of Ca’ Contarini del Bovolo.

Narrow, courtyards, and stairwells combine to create a peaceful vibe in this medieval hotel. Nearby places of interest include the landmark “La Fenice” theatre from the 18th century, as well as other nearby historical sights. Five minutes by foot from Gallini is La Fenice Opera House, an iconic site for opera fans. The Gallini Hotel has been run by its proprietors since 1953 and offers a warm welcome due to the courtesy of the entire staff. The rooms have direct views of the Canal della Verona or face it on a private inner courtyard.

The hotel is conveniently located near the main train station, Piazzale Roma, Isola Nuova del Tronchetto, and the airport. You can reach it by public or private transport.


At our hotel, we pride ourselves on making your stay as comfortable and relaxed as possible. All 40 of our rooms come with features that will make your experience here enjoyable and memorable, including a private bathroom, hairdryer, direct dial telephone, automatic alarm clock, complimentary breakfast served in our restaurant with stunning canal views,, bar service,, satellite TV,, lounge reception open 24 hours), safety deposit boxes!


By staying in our hotel, you’re enveloped in a Venetian experience situated conveniently close to the 18th century Opera House, “La Fenice”. Take a short walk to explore many of Venice’s most popular tourist attractions, such as Ponte di Rialto (Rialto bridge) with its fish market and Gallerie dell’Accademia (National Gallery). In only 5 minutes you can reach Historical Centre – Piazza San Marco.

Locanda Gaffaro

Locanda Gaffaro

Dorsoduro, 3589

30123 VENICE

The “Locanda Gaffaro” is a completely renovated new hotel in the heart of Venice, just a few minutes’ walk from Piazzale Roma – terminal for buses and cars – and Santa railway station.

10 minutes of walking from here will get you to Rialto and San Marco. In the small courtyard, where breakfast is served during the summer, you’ll be introduced to a cozy environment by Mr. Piero Giangaspero and his son Davide, who own Locanda. They will take you to your lodgings after that.

Locanda Gafffaro offers single, double, and triple rooms that are based on the principles of the Venetian tradition and come complete with all of the amenities you require to make your stay pleasant. Furthermore, if you ask for it, Davide and Piero will recommend cultural itineraries to help you discover the Venice that most tourists miss.


All of our rooms have a view of our internal courtyard, so you can be guaranteed a private and peaceful stay. The Locanda Gaffaro has also been recently restored to its Venetian roots both on the inside and outside. We offer single, double, and triple rooms that are furnished in the Venetian style and equipped with every modern comfort to ensure maximum satisfaction for our guests.

Nineteenth-century furnishing in each room will give you a taste of the luxurious, picturesque Venice atmosphere that you deserve on your trip. All rooms come with an private bathroom including a hairdryer as well as air conditioning, satellite TV, and the option to use portable computers. We also provide city guides for all guests. Other services we offer upon request are: internet connection, faxing ability, safe access ,and babysitting .

All of our rooms have a view of our internal courtyard, so you can be guaranteed a private and peaceful stay.

The Locanda Gaffaro has also been recently renovated both inside and out, and we are now able to offer single, double, and triple rooms furnished in the Venetian style. All of our rooms come equipped with every comfort you could need to ensure maximum relaxation during your stay.

Both from the Piazzale Roma (car terminal) and the Santa Lucia railway station, the “Locanda Gaffaro” is conveniently accessible. You can get to the heart of Venice in just 10 minutes by walking through typical “calli and campielli.” The Grand Canal, which is Venice’s main waterway, may be reached from there with the city’s public boat service, allowing you to reach any destination on or near Lake Iseo (Murano, Burano, Torcello).



at Marco Polo Airport

in Tessera, 12 km away by car and 10 km by boat from Venice

Airport – Venice by car or bus

Public Transport: Piazzale Roma is served by three municipal bus lines: ACTV, ATVO, and the tram (Tram T1). The taxi trip costs about L 13. If you arrive at Piazzale Roma by subway, walk 150 meters south to Locanda Gaffaro in 7 minutes.

Airport – Venice by boat

Public Transport: Alilaguna is a bus service that connects the city of Alila with the airport. There are numerous routes depending on where in Venice you want to go. It costs 8.78 Euros; tickets may be acquired onboard for free. To get to Locanda Gaffaro from Piazza San Marco S. Marco, take line 1, 82, 52, N on the ACTV vaporetto. Get off at Piazzale Roma stop.) To reach Locanda Gaffaro from the landing stage or directly on board, pay a small supplement and buy your ticket there.)

You can easily reach Locanda Gaffaro on foot in 5 minutes when you arrive at Piazzale Roma. If you’re interested, a private water taxi costs around 82 Euros.


at the S. Lucia Station

near Piazzale Roma

The closest vaporetto stop to Locanda Gaffaro is Piazzale Roma, which can be reached by lines 1, 82, 52, or N. Tickets cost 3.10 Euros at the landing stage or on board with a small supplement. When you arrive in Piazzale Roma, Locanda Gaffaro will be an easy 5-minute walk away.


in Piazzale Roma – terminal for cars and buses or at Tronchetto.

Afterwards it is possible to continue only on foot!

If you’re looking to park near Tronchetto in Venice, look no further than COMPARK. With convenient public transport options available, it’s easy to get around and explore the New Island of Tronchetto.

ACTV’s lines 82: (Venice public transport company, comes every 10 – 12 minutes). Piazzale Roma stop. Ticket cost: 3.10 Euros at the landing stage or directly on board, with a small supplement if you pay on board.

When you arrive in Piazzale Roma, Locanda Gaffaro can be easily reached by foot in 5 minutes.

Parking is available in Piazzale Roma, Venice






Average cost: 25 Euros per day


Hotel Panorama

The Panorama Hotel, situated on the Venice Lido in front of the picturesque Venetian lagoon, is an art nouveau building from the early 1900s that was updated in 1999 to have current facilities while keeping its original beauty. Our knowledgeable and professional staff will provide you with information about all there is to see and do on your trip. You won’t be disappointed by everything our city has waiting for you!

The Lido of Venice Island is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the summer. With its golden sand beaches, it’s no wonder that Byron to Shelley, from Goethe to Thomas Mann have all praised the island. In addition to visits to Venice and its surrounding islands, guests can enjoy sports or simply take a stroll on the beach. The Lido also offers exclusive private beaches for those looking for luxury during their stay.

The Hotel Panorama is proud to provide facilities which allow our disabled Guests to make the most of their stay. Our Hotel can be easily reached by car with the ACTV public ferry service, and we have a lift available for guests’ use. We also have one fully dedicated room specifically designed for our disabled Guests’ comfort and convenience.

The Panorama Hotel is conveniently located on the lagoon, allowing you to connect all of Venice and the islands of its lagoon by public boat from here.



19 rooms with their own private bathrooms, air conditioning, central heating, direct dialing phone with easy internet access, satellite TV, minibar, safe deposit box, and hairdryer. Finally Hotel provides secure parking and a lift in a city where such services are uncommon. A lift is available at the hotel; one room is entirely dedicated.

With its unrivaled views across the S. Mark’s Basin, the City of Venice, The Island of San Giorgio, The Doge’s Palace, and the Riva degli Schiavoni, you may enjoy a delicious breakfast overlooking the lagoon or on our panoramic terrace.



a Marco Polo Airport

in Tessera12 km away by car 10 km by boat frm Veic

Airport- Venice by car or bs

Pubic Transport: Piazzae Roma is served bthree municipal bus lines: ACTV, ATVO, an th tram (Tram T1). The tax trip osts bou L 13. If you arriv at PiazzaleRoma by subway, walk 150 metes suth to Locanda Gaffar in 7 inutes

Airport – Venice by boat

Public              With its unrivaled views across the S. Mark’s Basin, the City of Venice, The Island of San Giorgio, The Doge’s Palace, and the Riva degli Schiavoni, you may enjoy a delicious breakfast overlooking the lagoon or on our panorarnsport: Alilaguna is aus sevic tht connects the city o Alil with the airport. There are numerou roues depending on whereVenice want to go. It costs 8.78 Euos; tickets maybe acquied nboard for free. To get to Locanda Gaffaro frPiazza San Marc S. Maco, take line 1, 82, 52, Nthe ACTV vapetto. Get off at Piazzale Roma sto.) To reach Locda Gaffar fom the lnding stage or directly on board, pay a sall supplement and buy your tkethe.)

You can easily eh Locanda Gaffaro on foot in 5 minutshen you arrve aPazzale Roma. If you’re inereted,a prvate water taxi costs aroud 82 Euros.


at the S. Luia Station

near Piazzale Ra

The closest vaoretto stop to Locanda Gaffo is Pizzale Roma, which can e reached by ins 1, 82, 52, or N. Tckts cost 3.10 Euros at the landing stage or on board ith a mallsupplement. When yu arri in Piazzale Roma, Locanda Gaffaowill be an easy 5-minuwalk away


in Pizzale Roma – teminalfor cr adbuses or a Tronctto.

Afterwards is possible to continue onln foot!

Iyou’re looking to park near Tronchetto in look no furtr than COMPARK. With convenient public transport options available, it’s easy to get around and explore the NewTrochetto.

ACTV’slnes 82: (Venice public transpt cmpanycomsevry 10 – 12 minute).iazze Rom stop. Tiktcost: 3.10 Euros at the lingstage or directly on board, wi a small supplmentf you pyon boar.

Whn you arrive in Piazzae Roma, Locanda Gaffaro can be easlyreaed by foot n 5 minutes.

Parking is ailable in Piazzale Rma, Vece






Average cost: 25 Euros per day